Content Finder & Scheduler For Your Facebook Pages

Keep Your Facebook Page Fresh And Your Followers Engaged

When was the last time you posted on your Facebook Page?

If you can't remember or have to check, you'll need to rethink your strategy.

Not posting frequently enough makes your page look abandoned and harms your brand. Even if you make one post per day, Facebook's algorithm might cause your fans to not see your content at all!

To keep your fans engaged you need to commit to posting 2-4 times per day on your Facebook page, but who's got time for that?

That's why Postonomy was built.


What Does Postonomy Do?

Finds Relevant Content

Enter a few keywords and Postonomy will find relevant content from multiple sources to be shared on your Facebook page.

Schedules Posts

Postonomy will schedule the content it finds to be automatically posted on your Facebook page.

Lets you review and reschedule

Want to review or reschedule the content before its posted? Great! You can easily do it in your dashboard.

Get Started In Two Minutes

Step 1: Enter Your Keywords

Enter some keywords relevant to your page content. Use specific keywords to get higher relevance content.

Step 2: Scheduling

Postonomy will find content relevant to your keywords, and schedule it to be posted on your page.

Step 3: Review

Fine tune the results by editing, deleting, or rescheduling them.



$0 /mo.

  • 1 Facebook Page
  • Up To 3 Keywords
  • Up To 2 Posts Per Day
  • 1 Data Source (Videos Or Articles)
  • Our Banner Shown On Links

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  • 2+ Facebook Pages
  • 4+ Keywords Per Page
  • Unlimited Posts
  • 3 Data Source (Videos, Articles, Photos)
  • Your Banner (Or No Banner) Shown On Links